What is Ringo's World All About?

So, why have I created Ringo's World? There are a number of reasons but the main one is to have a place to write about stuff that interests me. These are:

Miniature Wargaming: I have been interested in, but not always in active pursuit of, table top wargames since around 1974! Mainly the Games Workshop systems Warhammer 40K and Warhammer Fantasy Battle. I am revisiting this area of interest now that I have the time - basically there not much for a pot bellied, greying middle aged old fart to do apart from watch tele and supermarket shopping, so makes sense in Ringo's World! (although Mrs. Simpkins may disagree).

Miniatures Painting: While I have not kept active in wargaming, I have kept up my painting of "toy soldiers". Mainly fantasy / scifi in line with the Games Workshop ranges but also WWII Axis (in the main Waffen SS) armour and associated units. More recently I have opened the Pandoras Box that is Napoleonics, pity me.

Technology and the Internet: Well, this counts as work, but I may put some thoughts about this subject into Ringo's World. These days though I am a bit of a Dinosaur having built my first 'website' way back in 1993/4 when the world was just seeing Mosaic (installed from a 1.44MB floppy) and windows 3.1. You couldn't 'Google" how to do it in those days .. you had to work it out! God, I sound like my Dad!

Moaning about stuff: I think I have lived long enough now and as such earned the right to moan a lot about everything. When I reach 60 plus I will then be able to fart in public without shame but for now I'm happy about moaning about whatever I feel like and basically just being grumpy.

I am sure that I may express my thoughts and experiences on other subjects but  those listed above are the main things you'll find on Ringo's World.

Now, there is another reason for wanting to have my own site; I have nothing against Social Networking community sites in general, they are very useful in many ways and I am sure a lot of people get a lot out of them. However, I want a place to publish stuff that others may find useful and to be available for longer than the time it takes for a load of meaningless games notifications, ad campaigns, fan announcements and other facile, thin and juvenile comment pushes it out of sight. On another tack, please make use of the Like buttons at the bottom of my ramblings - is that hypocritical? Of course it is!

Enjoy your time in Ringo's World, my ramblings are my own views (and copyright) and no offence is intended to any one.