WarbossTae 2016 Painting Challenge Week One

This year I am not doing an update every day, instead I will be doing 31 updates throughout the challenge period of May, June and July. Realistically though, I will be done well before the end of June. My reason for doing it this way is that I know there are certain things life-wise that are going to crop up in May, not least my half century on the planet.

The first week has been a bit of a damp squib. I started off with prepping up the first figures in the Journey wrath of Demons box, the Berrok Bull Warriors (see this link for what I am roughly aiming for). I had the first eight all prepped, I’d cleaned off the mould lines that were obvious but when I started to put on the Rakarth Flesh base coat more and more lines showed up. So, I decided to dump the lot in a bath of dettol (see my article on dettoling miniatures if you’ve never heard about it’s amazing paint stripping qualities) and re do them.

There were seven remaining, so I got busy and really went at these for mould lines and I also used Milliput to fill in some of the joins as I’d noticed that they did show quite a lot when painting the first batch. I have moved on with these now, all the Rakarth Flesh is on and the Flayed One Flesh layer paint applied. The pain with these is that I had to base paint the shields first as there is no way to remove the shield and I would probably end up getting brown on the arm trying to paint it if I did it after the flesh … they look fantastic figures, but I just wish they had come un-assembled, it would have made life a lot easier and been faster to paint.

I have also prepped the two Borrack Bull Generals (see this from Marrow if you don’t know what these look like). I am painting them with a brown skin, in a similar way I’d do horse flesh. Hopefully I can get these stared in the next week.

Below are the first three updates from this week if you’ve not seen any of the group pages on My Wargaming Life or Google+, you can follow along on my channel too.

Update #1 - May 1st 2016

So we are off on another mad month or so .. the Warboss Tae Painting Challenge 2016 has begun!

Update #2 - May 3rd 2016

The second update of my challenge, bit of a disaster but the glass is still half full!

Update #3 - May 5th 2016

Taking it easy this year, here is my latest painting challenge update, snappily entitled, Update #3!

Some links to follow below for more on this years challenge:

So folks, thast's all for week one, lets see what the next week brings, please go to the groups and check out all the others taking part in this years challenge