WarbossTae 2016 Painting Challenge Introduction

So, once more, we have the Warboss Tae Painting Challenge. This year sees a bit of a change to the whole thing, rather than the one month, it's spread over three. The challenge started out as the July Painting Challenge, but moved to May last year. The reason is that the Warboss felt the strain, scheduling was tight and the thought occured to have 31 video updates being the aim, rather than the 31 straight days .. makes sense.

This year I am commiting myself to 31 updates over the three months. Ok, I will probably do it in the first half of those three months, but at least i know I have wiggle room. Here on the blog I will post weekly (or so) updates on progress and link through to the update videos and link to other projects that I am following.

In the past I have done a Flames Of War starter army, a 6mm Imperial Roman and Ancient British DBA armies, last year, a Battalion of Prussian Musketeers. So what will I be attempting for 2016? Well the video below explains it all!

You can follow along the challenge on My Wargaming Life or at Google+ or both!

So, there you go .. looking forward to getting this box set done, I have a few bits more to come from Pezzapoo .. so I am sure it will go beyond the challenge.