WarbossTae 2016 Painting Challenge Week Two (or so)

Been busying away with the challenge, this is a quick overview of week two .. I took week three off as i wanted to get some stuff done for a mate’s birthday present - more on that post his birthday.

Anyway, week two saw me complete the first batch of Berroks (as far as I know that’s what they are called). I am happy with the way they turned out. I have left them just “painted” for now, I will give them the Quickshade treatment towards the challenge’s end, so i can do most of the finishing in one go. If you remember I dunked the first batch in Dettol, I shall return to those later in the challenge, but next up are the Bull Generals. These are awesome looking figures .. but more on these in the next post.

In case you, for some bizarre reason, are not following along on You Tube, Google+ or My Wargaming Life then below are the videos from week two ..

Update #4 9th May 2016

Update 4 of my challenge, moving on now .. getting colour on..

Update #5 12th May 2016

The latest update on my challenge progress, the beasties are taking shape.

Update #6 14th May 2016

Well, batch one is complete! Well as far as I am taking them for now anyway. Bit of a break coming up, so see you on the challenge in a week or so.

Some links to follow below for more on this years challenge:

So that’s all for now, catch you in the next update, if you are not doing so all ready, join in with the Painting Challenge 2016 .. you know it makes sense!