May Painting Challenge

It’s coming up to May and this year the July Painting Challenge, organised by Warboss Tae is in May. The “July” painting Challenge has been one of the few You Tube community projects I have taken part in, it’s a really good way to get those things you need to get done, done!

The first year I did the Flames Of War German army from the starter box, last year I did a 6mm Early Imperial Roman DBA army and the makings of a 6mm Greek DBA army. This year I am hoping to make some headway on my 28mm Napoleonic Prussians, with a second battalion of Musketeers and a squadron of Uhlans. Alongside these primary goals I hope to do a battalion of AB 15mm/18mm Prussian Fusiliers and a few other bits and bobs.

You can follow this year's challenge on Google+ here

I’ll be updating the blog on on an adhoc basis throughout May on my progress. I also hope to get the baseboards for the model railway further moved along, I’ll try to put news about that here also.