Interlude - but busy behind the scenes

All has been a bit quiet on Ringo's World recently - but behind the scenes lots as been going on! I've not had much time to do any posting and for this I bet everyone is eternally grateful - especially you my search engine friend, my one and only reader!

So, apart from all the excitement of Sunday when the best team in the world eventually won the English Premier League, I refer of course to Manchester City - the last time they did it I was 2 years old! - I have mostly been sorting out the basement in accordance with Mrs. Simpkins' edict. I must say, quite a lot of progress has been made - a lot of stuff has been dumped a great deal has been recycled and a few items of greater value are being put on Fleabay.

The current situation is that the 'office' now contains my stuff - and only my stuff! This is quite a first. True, the stuff is not exactly 'tidy' and it's all cluttered, but I have between now and my birthday (in two weeks) to sort it all out and make the place ready to accept a pile of new potential clutter!!

I have ensured that I have a place suitable to work from - and I have been doing so. No longer am I working from the living room and all of it's distraction, I just have to organise the modeling areas properly, but at least my business partner can rest easy with the knowledge that I am prioritising properly. How grown up of me!!

Talking of modeling, I have set my Dad on a task to get me some steel blanks cut in preparation for the start of Project X, a quite exciting venture that I will be ready to begin post birthday - I have requested items related to this for presents, so I hope everyone gets the massive hints placed on my Amazon Wish List! More on Project X in June once it's underway.

Well I can smell the tea cremating so I guess I'd better sign off. Hopefully I will have something more in the way of modeling progress next time, but getting reorganised is a priority.