Ringo's World is upside down

into_ringos_world.jpg Not that anyone will be too interested but Ringo's World is a bit of a mess currently. You, my reader, may remember (as you are probably a search engine you will) my post entitled Easter Weekend Project where I attempted to get to grips with the state of my domain - but got distracted, as decribed in my post, A Legio Reborn. Well, Spring is fast diminishing and tomorrow is May Day. I need to get the place sorted.

To spur me onward I thought I'd take a few pictures of the state of the place and put them up here are a sort of 'aide memoir' to shame me into action and act as a reference for comparison when I am done. There is a hell of a lot of rubbish mixed in, Mrs Simpkins says I have to be ruthless (I am actually as I know no one called Ruth - couldn't resist a pun there) and get rid of stuff that I will never use.

I suffer from 'that will come in handy one day' syndrome (I was meant to own a shed I am sure) and keep hold of stuff that will never actually be used again - power adaptors, old computers and old phones being prime examples. McHaggis, my sidekick of hobbit stature (and hairy feet too - apparently) suffered from the same thing and Mrs McHaggis got him to do a 'big' clear out - then filled the new made space with hand bags and shoes - I digress. If he can get rid of wires, old computers and old phones, so can I!

war_room_mess.jpgI think that Mrs Simpkins may have a similar agenda, I have had to give up the War Room in favour of it being a room for the offspring and the offspring's offspring to use. After negotiation, long in to the night with much pacing and debate it was agreed that I can put my drum kit in the room once known as The War Room to give me more useable space in the 'office'. I have a feeling that I have been 'hoodwinked' but cannot work it out just yet - I am sure it will occur to me me but the treaty has been agreed and Mrs Simpkins is not someone to trifle with when agreement has been arrived at.

Anyway, I have girded my loins and taken the plunge. There are some things that will be put to one side for sale on Flea Bay - if they don't sell after a relisting then it's the recycling bin. Apart from stuff that I need and use I am getting rid of everything. Well, we will see but I am starting off with that attitude. It's a Bank Holiday next week end - I have to go to a family wedding on the Saturday and Sunday but on the Monday a friend of Mrs. Simpkins has a van arranged. Her fellow potential shed owner is getting rid of his wires, old computers and old phones too - there is a lot of it going around it seems - so it's been arranged for my stuff to make it's last journey in the said van too. I wonder if there is a 'Facebook Conspiracy' afoot ...

what_a_mess.jpg Looking at the pictures, I have to agree - something needs to happen, I can't work in this mess and I have lots of models to paint. One thing that has happened, Mrs. Simpkins actually thought of me yesterday, I have been after Fairy Power Spray - heard lots of things about this as a stripper - and have been unable to find any. She ordered some with the shopping for me - that's love for you!