Reaver Experiment Continued

Well, in my last post on this topic (Experimenting with a Reaver) I said I'd do an update, so here it it. I ordered a few more magnets, 3mm x 3mm. 4mm x 3mm and 4mm x 1mm from first4magnets. This was due to, as mentioned previously, that the Reaver was a little unstable and I feared it would come apart during a game.

I removed the 3mm x 1mm magnets I'd used in the base and replaced these with the 4mm x 3mm magnets. Note to self here, milliput is very very strong when set! I broke the base on my first removal attempt - so I had to repair that too. Will look fine when covered with base material, so only time lost, not an out of production base.

I waited till everything was dry - ok to be honest I was a bit eager and tried join the legs to the base and the magnets initially ripped out as the fixing had not properly set, so I left it all a few hours on the second fix until everything was properly set. The larger magnet really made a difference, the legs are really really fixed, I have to pull quite firmly to separate them now.

On the torso portion I removed the 3mm x 1mm magnet and drilled out the milliput, I used another 4mm x 3mm magnet in this hole, and flattened the bottom a bit more. Left to set and tried it out - yet again the fix is much better. I can put the legs on the base and the torso on the legs, tip the model to about 60 degrees before it starts to slide. In fact if I assemble it upside down it all stays together fine! So they are doing the trick.

I have started on one of the plastic Warlords over the weekend. I am thinking of using the 4mm x 3mm magnet into the base, but use a metal disk on the foot of the warlord, this s because the fixing is probably not going to be as snug as on later made models. I'll write this up in detail over the next week or so when I have solved the problems I may encounter.

I think that I have now got a final methodology for putting metal Titans together. I'll finish this reaver and paint it up, then get on with the others.